I have an announcement:  I’m now working on the SEAChem2020 curriculum project. The goal of this project is to put together a full chemistry curriculum in which everything is included in chronological order, from text, to labs, to worksheets, to supplemental information.  This curriculum is aimed at homeschoolers, but not to worry – I’ve also made sure that it will work well for classroom teachers, too.  You can check out the (very slow) progress at www.SEAChem2020.org.  And, for the record, it, like all of my resources, will be free.

This doesn’t mean that this site is going anywhere.  Though I’ll primarily be working on SEAChem2020 (which, I’ll remind you, is also good for classroom teachers), the resources on this site will continue to be free or anybody to use.  From my chemistry textbook to the physical science textbook to the many resources to the right, you should be able to find whatever you want.  And if you want to waste your time with some silly stuff, you can check out my YouTube channel.

Though I know it’s still summer, make sure to tell other teachers about this site if they need help teaching or planning.  Not only is it a good way to make their jobs easier, but it’s free.  And that’s really what’s important.


Ian Guch


A quick bonus note:  If you’re having trouble opening .odt files, you can get the info you need by clicking HERE!


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  1. Dennis Bills says:

    IAN- Oh my gosh… Thank you New Chemistry Teacher…next year will be 1st year.
    I paid for lesson plans as well

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