I just had a look at the front page of this site and it occurred to me that it’s been over a year since I updated it!  Sure, the resources that are on the site remain free and numerous, but there’s been very little in the way of updates.  Sorry about that!

To apologize for my lack of updates, I’m adding a bunch of stuff to the site this summer.  I’ve already added a whole bunch of PowerPoint presentations (see the menu on the right) and will be adding even more as I get to them.  I’m also going to add more worksheets, quizzes, and labs.  There will be something for everybody.

So kick up your feet and look at the free stuff here.  And know that it will always be free and that I’ll never ask for you to register for anything.  Not like that other website, where you, a teacher, can give money to other teachers for resources.  What a scam.

Happy teaching!

Ian Guch


A quick bonus note:  If you’re having trouble opening .odt files, you can get the info you need by clicking HERE!

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  1. Dennis Bills says:

    IAN- Oh my gosh… Thank you New Chemistry Teacher…next year will be 1st year.
    I paid for lesson plans as well

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