Labs: 24 Lessons That Rocked The World

Millions of years ago, back when the earth was new, I started teaching chemistry.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I had a knack for writing chemistry resources, and after a couple of years I put together a book of my favorite labs.  Incidentally, the book starts with a number rather than a letter because early search engines sometimes ranked results alphabetically.

In any case, I still use these labs and other people seem to like them, too.  You can download the book at the link below.  For free!

Download – 24 Lessons That Rocked The World

Obligatory disclaimers:  You agree to…

  • Be safe at all times, making sure that students wear goggles and all other appropriate safety gear.
  • Keep your lab clean, tidy, and functional.
  • Keep your emergency equipment functional and understand how to use it.
  • Inform your students about good lab practices.
  • And, most importantly… Take responsibility for anything bad that happens, holding Ian Guch harmless for any negative outcomes including (but not limited to) injury, death, property damage, emotional/psychological damage, and failure to learn stuff.  As the teacher, you agree to be solely responsible for that stuff.
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