17 Effective Activities for New Chemistry Teachers

About ten years back, I got the idea to write a book with the new chemistry teacher in mind.  Instead of assuming that the teacher had a huge stockroom and plenty of time, the contents would assume that the teacher was in a hurry and needed to figure out what they could do with limited resources.  Most importantly, these easy and fast resources would have to be good.  In one week, I wrote the book that you’re about to download.  In fact, why not download it now?

Download: 17 Effective Activities for New Chemistry Teachers

The usual disclaimers apply (i.e. you agree to not hold me responsible for anything), and as always, please share this resource and this website with your colleagues.  And have fun!

Disclaimers (in greater depth):

By downloading or using the resource above, you agree to the following terms:

  • You will not use any activity that you feel is dangerous or that you are uncomfortable doing.  Safety is, after all, your number 1 priority!
  • All people in the classroom must wear goggles while performing these activities.  If other protective wear is warranted, this should be worn, too.
  • All safety equipment in the laboratory will be in good working order, and you will be qualified in using it.
  • These activities will not be performed in any laboratory that would be deemed hazardous by a reasonable person.
  • You agree to take all responsibility for any negative outcome that takes place as a result of having performed these activities.  You also agree to hold Ian Guch harmless for any negative outcome, including injuries, deaths, property damage, emotional/psychological damage, and failure to properly learn the concepts.  I can’t imagine any of these things actually happening, but I have to say that in case somebody doesn’t realize it already.
  • If you reproduce this activity, you are responsible for passing along the disclaimers and cautions above.
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