Miscellaneous fun labs

(Updated 11/15/17)

I sometimes get offers to speak for audiences that aren’t as well-versed in chemistry as high school students.  Though I know everybody there would love to see me just blather away about science stuff, it’s probably not too surprising to hear that I’d rather do some lab stuff instead.

Below, I present to you some miscellaneous stuff that families and kids of all ages can do at home:

  • Making pickles:  A recipe for making pickles that’s kind of fun.  It’s not anything super hardcore, but I like it anyway!
  • Diaper demo:  If you’ve ever wondered how diapers work and wanted to experiment with them, this is for you.  Pee not included.
  • Epsom salt dehydration:  Allows kids to see the dehydration of Epsom salt in the comfort of their own home.
  • Mummification:  When I was working on the “making pickles” thing above, it occurred to me that food preservation and mummification both have a similar goal – to keep edible things from spoiling and making a mess.  This was originally designed for an elementary class, but can be easily adapted.