Automatic problem solvers

The worst parts of being a teacher are writing the answer keys for problems and then rewriting them when our students point out that we messed them up.  In the coming weeks, I’ll come up with some simple spreadsheets that will allow you to effortlessly come up with the right answer to your problems each and every time.

Moles / molecules / grams problem solver:  You can start with any of these three variables and the values for the others will automatically be computed.  I’ve also included many common ionic and covalent compounds to make this process even simpler.  Formats (click one): Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)Microsoft Excel (earlier versions .xls)

  • If you want an easier version that just does grams to moles (and vice-versa), click .xlsx format, or .xls format.

Stoichiometry problem solver:  You can do either moles-to-moles or grams-to-grams calculations simply by inserting the coefficients from the equation and molar masses of each compound.  Formats:  Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Updated 6-22-15

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