Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated things!  I’ve had some pretty bad back pain that will result in surgery, so I haven’t really been in the mood to do much updating.  Sorry about the delay, but rest assured that I haven’t quit the site – I’m just taking a break.

Since I haven’t done much lately, I don’t have much to say in terms of news.  However, we Internet people don’t let a lack of content keep us from saying stuff, so here are some things you might find interesting:

  • It’s about that time that schools start picking their textbooks for next year.  Rather than getting the same old garbage from the big guys for $100+ per student, why not use a free textbook.  My high school chemistry textbook Chemistry the Awesomest Science is being used in quite a few schools, and the “supplemental materials” such as lesson plans can be found on the site you’re currently reading.  Quit spending money on textbooks and buy yourself some new balances!
  • Middle school physical science teachers may prefer my textbook in progress, Physical Science:  A Smorgasbord of Knowledge.  It’s not yet done, but might help with your teaching.

Actually, that’s about it for stuff I wanted to tell you about.  It’s time for me to go take some more aspirin for my back pain.


Ian Guch


A quick bonus note:  If you’re having trouble opening .odt files, you can get the info you need by clicking HERE!

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  1. Dennis Bills says:

    IAN- Oh my gosh… Thank you New Chemistry Teacher…next year will be 1st year.
    I paid for lesson plans as well

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