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As a teacher, I know very well that the products that we’re expected to use with our classes can be very different than the ones that we actually end up with.  The reason for this is simple:  money.  Scientific equipment just costs too much, and we just don’t have that kind of budget.

With these product reviews, I’m going to do something a little unusual.  Rather than review products intended for teachers, I’m going to review products that can actually fit our budgets while simultaneously fitting our needs.  Though you won’t see any scientific equipment here, I’ll be examining all of them through the lens of a chemistry teacher.

For the record, the products being reviewed have all been sent to me by the manufacturer. In no instance have I been paid for any reviews, and none of these manufacturers have even suggested that I should slant my review in any way.  As a result, you can be sure that I have no interest whatsoever in doing anything but providing you with a dead-honest critique of these products.  Let’s have a look:


All chemistry teachers know that flint strikers, while designed for lighting Bunsen burners, do a less-than-wonderful job.  Not only do the students have trouble learning to use them, but the flints always need replacing and the scrape scrape scrape noise they make can drive anybody crazy.  Though I’ve used matches quite a bit with my students, the tendency of the used matches to find their way into the sinks drove me to look for something new. Disposable lighters aren’t reliable, so let’s have a look at some inexpensive alternatives:

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