Mr. Guch’s Secret Stash

Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced teacher looking for new ideas, I’d like to share with you my personal teaching resources.  All of them.

Included with these resources are the following:

  • My complete lecture notes:  These notes cover everything I teach during the school year.  Primarily aimed at a high school audience, but can be adapted to other levels.
  • New labs, worksheets, and rubrics:  64 of them, to be precise.
  • Useful handouts, files, and spreadsheets:  These help new teachers get organized and make their lives easier.
  • All of the books on the website:  Includes an improved version of the quiz book.

For only $4.95, how can you go wrong?

All of the money from the sales of this stuff goes towards keeping this site running, so purchasing these resources helps other teachers as well.  Click on the button below to buy these resources via PayPal’s secure website.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

One note:  It may take a few hours to receive these resources in your email inbox because I have to send the information to you manually. Though it’s possible to get around this, doing so would cost more money for me, which would in turn raise the cost of these resources for you.

Thanks for your purchase, thanks for supporting the site, and thanks for the work you do in the classroom!  If you have any issues with the purchase, please email me at

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